SecureICA Services: Maximum Information Protection

Providing advanced, end-to-end encryption of the ICA data stream.

As today's enterprises expand around the world to add new offices and employees, improving corporate security is becoming a major concern. To solve this, Secure ICA Services for MetaFrame delivers advanced, end-to-end encryption of business-critical data and applications.

Maximum information protection
Adding to the basic security levels of MetaFrame, the Secure ICA software uses 128-bit encryption or key length (56- and 40-bit encryption is also available) to provide maximum protection for information being sent between Citrix servers and clients. By using a key of this length, Secure ICA makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to open an encrypted transmission (with today's technology, it would take 10 years.) However, in the unlikely event that someone succeeded, Secure ICA would ensure that the viewer would see meaningless screen commands and not the desired information.

Network upgrades not required
Secure ICA works effectively over MetaFrame server-supported protocols and connections, including RAS and direct async ICA connections. This means administrators won't have to worry about costly network upgrades and they can ensure that vital data and applications being sent around the world--even over LANs, WANs, analog and ISDN modems or dial-up connections--are protected.

Works with existing and new clients
Secure ICA is built to work with any ICA-compatible device, so enterprises can use their existing hardware, including DOS, Windows 16-bit and Windows 32-bit machines, and get virtually unbreakable levels of encryption. Even over the "public" Internet and corporate Intranets, Secure ICA ensures that information being sent is protected. Plus, as organizations add new lower-cost thin clients like Windows-based terminals, network computers and wireless information appliances, administrators are assured that Secure ICA will work correctly without creating any measurable changes in application response time. Available on a per-server basis, Secure ICA Services contains both server and client software components. It can be purchased from any authorized member of the Citrix Solutions Network worldwide.

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