Powershell Script to create a Report on MS Bulletins Installation Compliance in WSUS

by Stan Czerno January 30, 2015 07:31 CST

I needed a report that would show the status of one or more MS Bulletins per Server. I found an excellent script at http://redd.it/23yhb1 This script is awesome, and did almost exactly what I needed.

Of course, I modified it a little. I made detailed output the default, except for the Bulletins details, which I removed from the output. I also changed the script so it will only accept one bulletin at a time so I could create a Tab Delimited Text File per MS Bulletin. I added a couple of parameters for setting the path where the Text files are saved. I also added some examples to the help section.

I then created a companion script to take all of the Tab Delimited Text files and import them into a Excel Spreadsheet. Each bulletin has its own worksheet (tab). 

Here is the script:

Here is the script to import the Tab Delimited Text files into Excel:

To run the script, I create another script to combine all the processes together, like this:

I created a bulletins.txt file with a MS Bulletin on each line, like this:

The Excel Spreadsheet will look like this:

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raymond peng
December 20, 2015 15:13 CST

Nice write up - do you know how to use powershell in wsus to report what updates are needed for a particular security bulletin?

for ex - using the GUI, you can do a search for updates by KB or MS-CV / bulletin value and it will create a list of updates. Is there a way to retrieve this using powershell?

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