Powershell Script to launch one or more Published Applications from Storefront 2.x and 3

by Stan Czerno September 8, 2015 05:38 CST
Since Citrix has released version 3 of Storefront, I needed to make an update to my original script, found here, to make it work with the latest Storefront release. I decided to make a few more modifications as well to provide more info. [More]

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PowerShell script to Export Exchange 2010 Mailboxes to PST files

by Stan Czerno September 3, 2015 07:30 CST
I have been using Steve Goodman's script in my Lab for sometime now and I decided to spice it up a bit. Since I really cannot afford true Brick-Level backup software for Exchange in my lab, between VM Exports/Backups and this Script, my Exchange Server is protected good enough. [More]

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Powershell Script to launch one or more Published Applications from Storefront 2.x

by Stan Czerno February 1, 2015 03:36 CST
In a previous post, I shared a PowerShell script to launch a Published App from one or more servers. I originally wrote this script because one of my lab XenApp 6.5 servers would not launch a Published Application. When I investigated what the issue was I was unable to determine the cause. The IMA Service was started, ICA was listening and responding, there was no load issues, etc, etc. This server was basically healthy. [More]

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Powershell Script to create a Report on MS Bulletins Installation Compliance in WSUS

by Stan Czerno January 30, 2015 07:31 CST
I needed a report that would show the status of one or more MS Bulletins per Server. I found an excellent script at http://redd.it/23yhb1 This script is awesome, and did almost exactly what I needed. [More]

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Redirect Citrix Storefront to a different page at log off.

by Stan Czerno October 3, 2014 08:10 CST
To make Storefront redirect to a different page rather than just sit at the "You have logged off successfully" page, edit the "custom.wrstrings.en.js" file in the contrib folder of the Web Store. [More]

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Powershell Script to monitor a Citrix XenApp 6.5 Farm's Health

by Stan Czerno June 12, 2014 05:06 CST
In a previous post I had mentioned my "homegrown monitoring service" so today I thought I would elaborate and share it.

While looking for some sort of monitoring script for XenApp, I found an excellent script written by Jason Poyner, XenApp Farm Health Report, http://deptive.co.nz/xenapp-farm-health-report/.

His script does a Health Check and emails an HTML report. The script checks just about everything concerning a XenApp Farm. [More]

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